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PART ONE: Lethargy

I feel like I’m slouching awkwardly on an old deflated beanbag watching one of those big 1990s televisions, those ones with faux wooden panelling on the sides, channel changing nobs on the front and  big rabbit ear aerials on the top. My stomach is full of beer and ice-cream, my sweaty back is slipping against the beanbag’s plastic cover and, instead of resting on its cabinet, this big, old, clunky TV is just sitting on my chest like an ineffective torture device, suffocating me – not killing me – but gently draining the blood from my brain. The blaring ads on the screen (which is close enough for me to lick) are giving me a thudding headache. Chanel 9 wants me to consider buying Poweraid so I can replace the essential fluids I’m losing – and I can’t, for the life of me, muster up the energy to get out of this depressing situation.”

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This is a photo of Men Speak Out founders Gus and Nick in Palestine. 

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Why Palestine?

On the 20th of January 2009 I was sitting in a youth hostel in Tel Aviv. Two days earlier Israel had just concluded Operation Cast Lead – the war waged in Gaza against Palestinians by Israel. About 1400 Palestinians were killed. Most were civilians, over 400 children. Two days earlier it had been my birthday.

The 20th of January 2009 was a special day. It was the day that Obama was inaugurated as president. For the people sharing the common room of the youth hostel with me it was a special day. These people were mostly young Jews from the diaspora who had just concluded a two week free trip to Israel full of Zionist propaganda and historical inaccuracy. Most of them had helped me celebrate my 20th birthday. Obama’s inauguration was a special day for them – I know this because there was a standing ovation in the common room almost all of them joined.”

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"After 10 days I do not have a great deal to report. Signs of the occupation are not as obvious in Nablus as they are in other cities. Israel controls the sky and we are reminded of it every day, but other than that the occupation is experienced in subtler ways. The bullet hole in the restaurant window, the faded martyr poster in the old city, the refugee camp on the outskirt of the city. These all remind us of the precarious existence of the occupied."

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"This blog shall be written mostly from Nablus, a city in Palestine occupied by Israel. It is my attempt to understand what it is like living under occupation. I will recount stories that I am told by the people I encounter, and I will add my own personal experiences.”

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You can read Renee’s article ‘Reflections on SlutWalk’ here where she discusses her own personal history with the word slut and why she decided to start a SlutWalk in her local area. 

Photo of Jason, Gus, Nic and Renee at SlutWalk Canberra.

OCS were very proud to be members of the SlutWalk Canberra 2011 organising team.  

This is a timelapse made by OCS resident feminist Renee for a protest of support she started outside ACT Health in Canberra. 

Renee, OCS members and other members of the Canberra feminist community stand opposite an anti-choice group every Friday morning, holding signs of support to counteract the anti-choice groups bullying of women seeking choice.  

When the Convoy of No Confidence came rolling into Canberra town OCS decided to meet them with a smile and a sign saying “Welcome to Canberra. Workers Rights, Clean Energy.” 

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With the help of other ANU students, OCS cool kids Renee and Colin organised a pro-choice event designed to counter the annual ‘Cupcakes for Life’ anti choice event in October this year.

The ‘Men Speak Out’ campaign was launched earlier this year by OCS in an attempt to engage men with issues pertinent to women today.

The campaign encourages men to speak out in favour of feminism, to speak out against rape culture and sexual assault, to speak out for women’s equality and to speak out against post-feminism.

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